Mix It Up with (Mix) No.6

mix-no-6-77980501.jpgIf you have checked out my spark you’ll know I constantly wear heels. But my favorite brand of heels, and other styles of course is Mix No. 6. Not only is this brand affordable for the everyday lovely but the designs are unique with a touch a kitsch. This Brand offers mostly DSW Exclusives so you can only find most styles there. But, you can find other styles in store or online for all of your shopping needs. Click Here to shop. They not only offer a wide selection of shoes but also handbags and accessories that I recommend checking out.

Flats ~ Heels ~ Sandals; From My Closet

51P8MHulOEL._AC_UL160_SR160,160_.jpgimages-4.jpgI cannot stress how much I love these flats. These are the perfect shoes simply because they go with everything! The back doesn’t rub against your heel and for someone like me who has a pretty wide foot, they fit comfortably. I can walk miles in them without complaining. They come in a few different styles and colors. They are called the Vantage Women Round Toe Synthetic Flats. For a price of 19.99 but frequently on sale I recommend an investment.

Yenia Faux Suede Platform                           Priamo Bootie

download.jpg             353305_240_ss_01.jpg

Before you freak out, yes these heels are nearly three inches. Despite a large heel, these are comfy to walk in and don’t slip all over your feet. The Yenias are a nice faux suede that even when stained with dirt comes off easily. The Priamo’s are amazing because they are breathable and the laces actually stay tied. The leather is soft to the touch and pair well with shorts, skirts, and even mom jeans.


I do own these beauties in light tan but they come in an array of colors such as brown, black, and many others depending on the store you are in. They stay on your leg nicely and don’t fall down as many gladiators do. The laces don’t leave imprints on your legs and are easy to take on and off. Buy the Glenora Gladiator Sandal Here from DSW.


“There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes.”

-Christian Louboutin

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