Product Review- Too Faced Natural Love

IMG_3112.jpgTo be honest I bought this on pure accident. I originally walked into Ulta looking for more pore strips. I struck up a conversation with an employee and we started talking about best-selling products; which led me to find Too Faced’s Natural Love pallet. As you may know Too Faced has had a running line of natural pallets (all great investments). The most recent pallet is my favorite one earning a rating of 4/5 stars. The reason I did not give it all 5 stars is because the packaging and cover could have been better. The felt roses and pink tones were nice to look at but they could have done more on this 30 color palette.


Let’s talk about the colors now; they were extremely beautiful and true to their name. They were perfect naturals. The first column was very light, accent/highlight intended pinks. The second was a mix of light pinks and browns. Then we get into the golds, natural browns and then the last column is deep for that smoky eye look. A few names didn’t make a whole lot of sense like Lace Teddy, Night Fever, and Push Up… The randomness here…  I guess the names make sense for the colors but why are those totally different names in the same pallet. The names that do fit in this pallet quite creativity are Kittens, Pink Cheeks, Nudie, Makeup & Chill, and Honey Butter. MAKEUP & CHILL, can all makeup addicts agree here that this is the best name since, well, the original Netflix & Chill. 10 points for you Too Faced, 10 points.

My most favorite three colors and my least favorite below –


  1. I’m sorry but I’m just immediately turned off by lace teddy. A- it’s just not my tone of choice. B- it’s too light, like it should belong in a ‘My First Makeup Set.’ I know that sounds harsh but even the name is just odd. The rest of the pallet does for the most part make up for it though.
  2. Hot & Bothered. This red hue does not get me hot nor bothered.
  3. Smokin’… why did you put silver on a naturals pallet? Before you say “smoky eye! duh stella!” … I simply don’t classify silver as au natural. ~my personal opinions~



  1. DEAR DIARY.. I love this color. It’s my new makeup crush. It’s so perfect to swipe on your lid for a cute natural look or if you wanna go wild. So godd*mn perfect.
  2. Stiletto. On behalf of makeup addicts everywhere I can safely thank Too Faced for putting in a non glittery black. Thank the heavens for this. It’s deeply pigmented and a relief from glittery smears. Although it’s not a natural color, just as silver is not, it actually serves a key purpose; Liner to accent!.
  3. Fairy Tale makes me feel like a princess. Enough said, that won me over.


I just decided to give you lovelies a little feature post since you’ve been so sweet.

PSA- if you’ve sent me emails or tried to contact me, I will get to them now and you will hear from me soon.  Also thank you all for your sweet emails. I love you all. There are a ton to go through but each one makes it worth it to take the time to read. xoxo Stella.



This pallet and post is approved by my cat Bugsy.



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