How Your Childhood Fashion Has Made a Modern Comeback

Do you miss wearing your butterfly clips, overalls, and cute rompers? Well great news for you; although these are not the same as they were, this is how you can wear them in a modern style. Some trends really never die do they?

Old T-shirts…

Back then you didn’t care that there was a tie dye mess or a tattered sleeve. In fact, you thought it was cool. Now, that ‘lazy’ trend has made a comeback. Take a look at these, “i didn’t really try but i still look cute” looks. Before you start trembling in your shoes about the thought of “girl scout camp tie dye shirts,” calm down and thank me later.

Back Then- A multi color tie dye mess                           Now- One color, different shades of tie dye

Long, baggy, and ripped                                                    Tshirt dresses, one color, vintage, branded

images-1.jpg                                     306353d1343a04cec057134615ba19e8.jpg


These are adorable. Little kids wear them and so do we. But when we wear them they look amazing over a cute crop top, bralette, really anything. The skinny jean style has really turned this look around from a baggy farmer style pant.

Back Then- Only Jean                                                        Now- skinny/tight and short

Very loose fitting, made for hard work                          Acid washed, cuffed, patch work,

il_340x270.860339442_9x6r.jpg                   img-thing.jpg

Hair Clips and Scrunchies…

Like if you remember wearing your huge scrunchie. How about the glittery butterfly clips? The butterfly style has gone but their new clips in town. Scrunchies though, made a very stylish and versatile comeback.

Back Then- Rainbow and glitter disaster                         Now- Velvet, leather, cotton solid colored

vibe-vixen-vintage-hair-accessories-600x400.jpg                                      il_340x270.1075055064_28c0.jpg

Chunky Headphones…

Back Then- Overbearing and heavy on the neck                      Now-  Refined, sleek, and light

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.43.53 AM.png                    imgres-31.jpg

Wrist Bands…

Jelly/Gummy bracelets; the epitome of the nineties along with live strong bands. After a day of school or play, these would stick to our skin making them so hard to get off. But it was worth it, cuz you thought you were cool.

Back Then- Charity, slap, jellies, braided                     Now- Alex & Ani, ponytails, charm bracelets

Rubber, plastic, stringy ‘bff’ bracelets                           metals, gems, pandora charms

90sSlapBracelets-12-683x1024.gif                                            images-3.jpg

Platform Shoes…

Enough said.

Back Then- SPICE GIRLSSS                                            Now- smaller sandals, heels, wedgesimg-thing-1.jpg                            url-5.jpg


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