Perfumes- The History and the Best

“Before every show, I have to put perfume on. I know the crowd’s not necessarily going to smell me, but when I smell good, I feel like I can dominate the room.”

-Rita Ora

You may not know what I look like but at least you can know what I smell like.   Ok scratch that, that was weird. Let’s spritz to the chase. Today I will be giving you lovelies a look into my top smells. In the words of my father; “you could start a perfume store with how much you have;” you will be introduced into what i would recommend, and thanks dad, if i had a store what I would sell.

Before we start, I feel it quite necessary to give you some background on perfume and its importance.

  • In psychology, it has been discovered that smell is most strongly attributed to remembering things. So when you joke about smelling good around your crush it actually has some merit. If they smell something nice, like YOUR perfume ON YOU, they will associate it as good and will likely find it/you more favorable/ attractive. Keep in mind that women have 50% more olfactory sensors. Females will pick up scents better than most men and scents can smell different to many people. But in most cases, a scent can go a long way in helping you with confidence, memories, and social interactions.
  • You might be wondering where you should spray your scent…
    • First off, wrists are a no-no. It literally serves no purpose there.
    • Try to avoid a lot of skin contact when spraying. Too much can be bad for your skin and clog your pores. For a longer lasting and better-for- you smell, try spraying your clothes.
    • Go for the scalp, the natural oils in your hair help the scent to last.
  • Once you have been wearing a scent, you start to smell it on you less and less. But don’t go overboard just because you can’t smell it as well. Less is more. Others can still clearly smell it so keep in mind that any more than 3 spritzes are enough.
  • Perfume comes from the Latin “per” meaning through and “fumum,” meaning smoke. Ancient perfumes were made through pressing, crushing, and steaming the natural oils out of plants. They then burned the pressed oil to give the air a scent, for comparison think of a candle.
  • Egyptians started the perfume movements and then influenced the Greeks and the Romans. Perfume became primarily an Oriental art, ritualistic, or saved for royalties. It spread to Europe when 13th century Crusaders brought back samples from Palestine to England and France. During the 17th century, perfume was thought to be a medical miracle. Doctors used leather pouches holding cloves, cinnamon, among other spices and put them over a persons mouth or nose thinking the smell would banish out the disease and protect them.
  • Up untill the late 1800’s perfume had rarely been touched by synthetic counterparts. It was then that synthetic vanilla was created; which skyrocketed the perfume movement once again.

Now with some facts in your head, take a look at my top 6-

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“One of the very few things that I do every single day is put on fragrance. If I’m not wearing make-up, if my hair’s not done, if I’m walking around in pyjamas – I still put my fragrance on. I will brush my teeth and put on my perfume.”

-Blake Lively



Foot notes-

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