Eyebrows and Personalities


  • Organized
  • bold
  • extrovert
  • has an addiction to Tea or coffee
  • Clothes are ~Ironic~
  • Never. Wears. Heels.

If this is your brow.. You have your life in order. Please go be an eye model. Please. Teach us your ways.



  • You are shy
  • good at dancing
  • into kale juice
  • wears over sized sweaters
  • like cuddling
  • can be rude with her comments
  • never wears green



  • introvert
  • finds the newest trends
  • secretly a blogger
  • reads romance books on wattpad
  • always has starbucks within her reach
  • doesnt like lipstick
  • “kims butt isnt even that big”



  • simple style
  • favorite shoes are her converses
  • hates science and math
  • skis
  • 4 ear piercings
  • bralettes are “the super duper best”
  • Subscribes to People and Vogue, maybe oprah
  • tall


  • wears gladiator shoes like its nbd
  • flannel is everything
  • white nikes
  • reads shakespeare for ‘fun’
  • favorite date idea is roller skating
  • wants to live in Italy
  • always has bomb acrylic nails
  • yellow is “so ugh”


  • artsy VSCO advertised on ur 2000 followers instagram
  • graphic tees for life
  • high ponytail, never curls
  • nude lipstick
  • Selena Gomez is #Queen
  • scared of birds

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