Introducing Rose Lee

Goodmorning Lovelies

Today I am introducing a new writer for my blog! Her name is Rose Lee and I am so excited for you to read her first post! But first I interviewed her and asked a couple questions for you readers to get to know her.


How would you describe your style?

“kinda what I feel like? Like, leather jackets, high heels, lipstick, fancy dresses, I’m kinda just a mess of style and i’d probably be the friend to try the weirdest most out there styles out.”

 Whats the best part of your beauty routine?

“It’s when I get that eyeliner flick right…. Mmmmh, so much pride and its good.”
What do you like to write about, what can we read from you?

“I like to write about beauty and shoes more than like, fashion? I’m down for whatever though. Like, beauty horoscopes might be fun?”
What product do you think every girl should have?

“Definately a white or nude eyeliner for you water line, makes you look away and it makes your eyes pop. I’m a fan of a good red lip too though. Lipstick is my fave.”
 Best pair of shoes you own and why?

“My leopard print converse or my biker books. I love them so much and they make me feel so boss. I have a great pair of vintage-y heels though, that make me feel awesome. (all of them?) I love my shoes.”


With Love




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