Nyx Liquid Suede

Confession time: I simply cannot get enough of the Nyx liquid suede collection. It is absoluty stunning and lasts all day. Recently I went to the grand opening of the Nyx Store at Mall of America. It was spectacular and I was blown away by all their selection and prices. As always, my eyes were drawn to the lip section. Of course i bought my usual of eye liners and contour pallets. God bless contour pallets, they are magic. This time i also was on a search for Liquid Suede. My thoughts only focused on the dreamy colors.

I first started my obsession when I was sent the color ‘Kitten Heels’ in an ipsy glam bag. Its a vibrant red and looked stunning with a smoky eye. Next I bought my favorite lip shade to wear- Soft Spoken. I love this color on my lips. If you have freckles I would definitely recommend this color. It brings them out so much and freckles are always gorgeous. Then, at the nyx store i fed my adiction. I am seriously considering buying one of the rotating 100+ lip stands. I have a lipstick problem and im not afraid to admit it. Anyways, back to the nyx store. There, i bought sandstorm, pink lust, and vintage. Im still building my collection but I would absolutely recommend this product in all of the stunning colors.

Below I have included a chart I found of all the shades.


For eye color and lip color paring, Ive included my thoughts. Now, I was born with eyes that can change from one color to another at any given moment. Some days I have blue eyes and some days I have green or brown. I live by this lip rule of colors for my ever changing eyes. Even if your eyes don’t change, these pairings would be great to take a look at. These are just suggestions that I follow. By no way does this mean you cant rock any color you want. Because you my dear are fabulous.


Go For- cherry skies, tea and cookies, orange county, sway, and stone fox.

Stay Away From- pink lust and life’s a beach


Go For- Sandstorm, Soft spoken, vintage, and life’s a beach.

Stay Away From- Orange county, sway, and amethyst.

Brown- Lucky duck, Any of these colors work amazingly on you.


Go For- Orange County, Kitten heels, cherry skies, pink lust, soft spoken.

Stay Away From- Sway


Go For- Stone Fox, Vintage, Sway, Amethyst, Soft spoken.

Stay Away From- life’s a beach and pink lust

Live lovingly



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