My Quest for Saab

Since I’ve been a little girl the wild thoughts of beautiful dresses have run through my mind. Obsessed with pearls, lace, crystal, and stunning intricate designs among so many others have lead me on the quest for the perfect fairy tale designer. I have been spending my time dreaming of princess gowns and future prom dresses, anxiously waiting for my prom next year. I considered Sherri Hill, they were not intricate and stunning enough for me. Then I considered Dior. Although Dior has a well known status the dresses are simple and not eye catching.

Thoughts of just going to a department store overwhelmed me. I thought i was just going to have to settle on my quest. Dissapointed and hopeless I was looking through pinterest one day. I came across the most stunning design I had ever laid my eyes on. This Elie Saab mini was perfect. I couldnt believe I had found a designer like this. The dress that started my obsession is shown below. It blew me away. It was perfect, it had everything I dreamed off as a little girl.


When i take a close look at the design I am entranced. From what I can see it has crystals and little sparkles sewn in. The pastel color is perfect for the voluminous skirt. It has a white belt on it, Im personally not a fan of that but the dress itself is so stunning. I can look over minor details like that. This will be a challenge trying to pair shoes with it so it looks like I have a new quest.


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